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Why Audiotranscript

  • Cheap transcripts
  • Quick service
  • Single payments without subscriptions
  • Speaker diarization
  • Not tied to an account
  • Extracted Word files
  • Online text editor
  • Chatgpt integration (experimental)
  • Coding (coming soon)
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Edit your transcript with ease using our text editor

After your audio has been converted to text, you can edit and correct using our text editor. Play audio and edit at the same time!

In short

Our transcription service is lightning fast!!!

Using advanced artificial intelligence, our servers are able to produce a highly accurate transcription of your audio file in a short time. On average, it takes about half the time of your audio length. It takes about 30 minutes to transcribe a 60-minute audio file.

Only €2.95 per hour!

From a minimum of EUR 0.60, our transcription service costs EUR 2.95 per hour. Costs are rounded to the minute.

Safe and quick payment with Mollie

We use the respected payment service Mollie. Mollie has strict rules when it comes to signing up webshops.

We value your privacy!

No one but you has access to your audio files and transcriptions. You can delete your files immediately after receiving your transcription. Otherwise, they are automatically deleted after 4 weeks. Read our full privacy statement to understand how we protect your data.


Because we have such a small team, we have few costs. The project started as a hobby project which also means we are not dependent on income and can keep the price low.

The preview transcript is a free 2-minute transcript of your uploaded audio.

The preview transcript is there so you can judge for yourself whether you like the quality of the transcript good. If you are satisfied, you have the option to buy the entire transcript.

Unfortunately, the cost of using and developing AI is quite high. Even though we try to keep the costs as low as possible, it is unfortunately not possible to offer it for free.

Our original plan was mainly to create Audiotranscript for students so that they could get transcripts in a good-cost way, which was not possible in the Netherlands. Meanwhile it turns out that Audiotranscript also works well for work life.

There are multiple scenarios for using Audiotranscript. Audiotranscript is ideal for If you need a transcript for a thesis in your research. Also, you can use audiotranscript well to extract the key points from a meeting.

The online text editor is a software tool we have developed so that in your browser you can to edit the transcript while the audio plays along. This allows you to check a transcript very quickly.

Recognition by Dutch Radio

On 1 June 2022, we were mentioned on Dutch news channel BNR's Digitaal programme. The show mentioned that our speech-to-text service is very accurate and that the cost in compared to other speech-to-text services are very low. You can listen to the podcast via this link (from minute 28): BNR digitaal

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About us

We (Berend and Hein) became close friends during our time at University, both of had an entrepreneurial mindset which we wanted to put to use. From a friend we heard that transcribing interviews is a real pain to do. We saw an opporutinity and that is how Audiotranscript was born!