Our terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Before using the transcription program, you should read the terms and conditions. By using Audiotranscript.eu transcription services, you agree to the terms and conditions.


All text, logos, and graphics on www.audiotranscript.eu are the property of audiotranscript.eu or third parties and may not be copied without permission.


Audiotranscript.eu is an online software tool that may be used to automatically transcribe audio recordings. Audiotranscript.eu employs algorithms to convert your audio recordings automatically, without the need for human intervention. Your privacy is important to Audiotranscript. Our privacy statement contains information on the steps we take to protect your privacy.


Users may utilize the trail once for each audio file to assess the quality of the transcript. This trail has a time limit of 2 minutes.


The cost of your transcription is charged per minute. The duration of your file will be rounded up. For example, an audio file of 11 minutes and 40 seconds will be rounded up to 12 minutes. audiotranscript.eu charges a minimum amount for your transcription. If the cost of transcribing your excerpt is less than the minimum cost, you will automatically be charged the minimum amount.


Due to the fact that the quality of the transcription we provide is contingent upon the quality of the sound fragment you supply, we are unable to provide a refund. We provide a free trial period during which you can use all of your audio files. It is up to you to evaluate whether the trial transcription given is of sufficient quality to be used to transcribe the full audio file. The trial transcription algorithm is identical to the full transcription process. The trial version's quality may vary from the full version's owing to variations in the quality of your recording at different periods. Audiotranscript.eu is responsible for determining the quality of the submitted audio file.


Audiotranscript.eu aspires to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, due to technical issues, audiotranscript.nl may be unavailable. The maximum file size for uploaded audio files is 1000 MB and have a time limit of 3.5 hours.